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Parashat Matot – Mas’ei Numbers 33:50 to 35:13

During Rabbi Mark’s sabbatical this summer B’nai Emunah members are helping lead services and prepare drashiot. This drash was delivered August 6, 2016 by Bonnie G. Lindauer We have a double Torah portion today: Parashot Mattot and Mass’ei.  Etz Chaim … Continue reading

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Bar Mitzvah Drash about Hayei Sarah

This drash was given  November 7, 2015  by Sebastian Middle   My Torah portion is called “Hayei Sarah” or “Life of Sarah” but it is really about Sarah’s death and Abraham’s bloodline. In our story, Abraham’s wife Sarah dies; he … Continue reading

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Mattot Masei and the challenge of connection

Community Dvar Torah by Andrew Nusbaum Throughout the summer, community members from B’nai Emunah have been invited to present their thoughts on the weekly Torah session. A longer version of this drash was given in the middle of July by CBE … Continue reading

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