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B3 Sunday School prepares food for homeless

By Rabbi Mark Melamut Our B3 Sunday School prepared 275 lunches for the homeless in SF as part of our tikkun olam family education day! We learned about different ways to heal and make the world whole like feeding the … Continue reading

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Bar Mitzvah Drash about Hayei Sarah

This drash was given  November 7, 2015  by Sebastian Middle   My Torah portion is called “Hayei Sarah” or “Life of Sarah” but it is really about Sarah’s death and Abraham’s bloodline. In our story, Abraham’s wife Sarah dies; he … Continue reading

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The Last Jew of Chmielnik

Originally posted on Summer of the Great Apes:
Chmielnik Poland. I’d say it’s as ‘middle of nowhere’ as it gets…but actually Sladkow Maly deserves the crown of that title. Sladkow, where my paternal grandmother was born, lies about 2 km…

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Shabbat Symposium XXI: An Introduction to Karaite Judaism

B’nai Emunah was fortunate enough to host a guest speaker from our local Karaite community this past Shabbat. Shawn Joe Lichaa, lawyer, blogger and educator, spoke about Karaite practices (blue tzitzit and cheeseburgers are in, shwarma and wine during Passover … Continue reading

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