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New Years greeting from Rabbi Mark

By Rabbi Mark Melamut Shalom Friends, I’d like to share a story with you about a child of a certain Rabbi who used to wander into the woods. At first the father let the child wander, but over time he … Continue reading

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Reverie by Naidia Woolf

Congregant publishes new book In her memoirs, Naidia Woolf describes her childhood in England during WWII. She was evacuated to the countryside, the week-end war was declared on Germany, along with a group of students and teachers from the Birmingham … Continue reading

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Southside Jewish Collaborative Tikun Olam Work Featured in Jweekly

The July 31, 2015 issue of the J Weekly featured B’nai Emunah, one of the partners in the Southside Jewish Collaborative’s Tikkun Olam project of feeding the hungry. The lunch bag preparation work that is featured in the J Weekly’s … Continue reading

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Mattot Masei and the challenge of connection

Community Dvar Torah by Andrew Nusbaum Throughout the summer, community members from B’nai Emunah have been invited to present their thoughts on the weekly Torah session. A longer version of this drash was given in the middle of July by CBE … Continue reading

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